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One of the biggest Industrial Unions affiliated to NTUC, the logo carries deep-set symbolism and meaning in its design.



Various elements unified into a central theme and yet possess a distinct individuality of its own.


Solidarity & Strength

The encirclement reflects a sense of common purpose and cohesiveness, which also gives the logo strength and character.


Life & Vitality

A mix of bold and fine lines encircling the logo gives an animate perception possessing and characterized by life.


Sustenance & Progress

Typeface chosen is bold, sharp and futuristic, reflecting advancement towards the new economy.


Cooperation of Labour

The stylized human symbols, fused in the central, reflect the fine labour management relations in the union.


Industrial Harmony

Consulting one another on issues critical to the well being of workers, companies and the nation.



The colour Blue is chosen as it symbolizes camaraderie. Often associated with depth and stability, Blue also symbolizes trust, wisdom and confidence, which are the essential qualities of the union.


The overall theme and appearance of the logo conveys strength and solidarity. We must remain strong so that we can continue to play a meaningful role in the economic and social development of our members with the rapidly evolving situation of events.


The various elements are unified into a central theme of sustenance, vitality and dynamism, but at the same exuding a unique individuality of its own with the thick and heavy outlines. This reflects the diversity of industries that SISEU represents and is yet cohesive with a sense of common purpose.


One glance and the 2 humanized elements clearly strike you. The stylized human symbols gives life to the logo and at the same time emphasizes the importance of a valuable resource in our workforce: the workers, which is why SISEU existed. As we move ahead, one of our top priorities will always be to enhance the interest of workers.


Fused at the central, the stylized human symbols also reflect the constructive and harmonious labour management relations between the employers and employees. Such cordial relationship is important and is the pillar behind our stable and harmonious climate.


The SISEU typeface chosen is bold, sharp ad futuristic, reflecting the progression and advancement towards the new economy. It holds the vision of being a modern union that will constantly reinvent itself in order to remain relevant to its members.


The entire logo is designed in one colour to reflect the equal co-existence of a multi-racial composition of the Union, as well as the diverse cultures and backgrounds of workers from the wide spectrum of industries coming together as sisters and brothers in the union movement.

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