The vibrancy of SISEU is demonstrated through our youth wing, Young SISEU (YS). Set up in November 2005, YS’s main aim is to cater to the varied interests and needs of our younger members. Through the different activities, they get to know more about the union, make new friends and at the same time, have lots of fun and laughter together.

Some of our exciting events held:




Farm Tour and Food-Making Workshop



Night Cycling



Joint Union Running Man



Joint Union Paint Ball


Sports Committee

SISEU Sports Committee is newly formed in April 2013 in recognition of the increasing interest in sporting activities among our union members.

The objectives of the committee are:

  • To engage members of all Collars, Ages and Nationalities through sporting activities within SISEU and in collaboration with NTUC Club.
  • To develop a pool of regular sports activists among our SISEU members for leadership development.

Some of our exciting events held:








SISEU_badminton tournament.jpg 


Infinity Club

SISEU Infinity Club was officially launched in May 2013 to look into the needs of SISEU members who are aged 55 years and above. As part of its on-going efforts to engage this group of members, the Committee has also taken on the role to promote events and activities conducted by U Live. The Committee also helmed the U65+ rebates programme which was introduced to encourage senior members to continue their union membership.



Quality WorkLife Department

The Quality Worklife Department (QWD) actively organizes fun-filled events and activities for union members and their family members.


  • To provide a wider range of leisure and recreational activities at affordable prices for our union members and their families.
  • To help our members build a Healthy Body, Healthy Mind and promote worklife balance through different "Areas of Focus": Family, Sports & Social Interaction, Healthy Living, Social and Community Services.

Some of our exciting events held:

Kelong Fishing



Family day @Adventure Cove



Women's Committee

SISEU Women’s Committee works closely with the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) and NTUC Women’s Development Secretariat on initiatives to help companies employ workers on flexible work arrangements. The Committee aims:

  • To act as a voice for the concerns and aspirations of working women
  • To promote and enhance employment opportunities for women
  • To promote worklife harmony initiatives among companies
  • To enhance the social status and well-being of women

Some of our exciting events held:

International Women’s Day – Panel Discussion



Terrarium-Making Workshop



Soap-Making Workshop



Fitness Workout


Baking or Culinary workshops



To stay in touch with our latest promotions or events from our committees, please follow our Facebook page.

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